Dynamic Spend Intelligence

Dynamic Spend Intelligence is "mission control for expense management.™"

Cloe Talamini
Senior Analyst

 Dynamic Spend Intelligence | BroadJump

Your organization is mission-driven, but how do you as a healthcare executive support that mission? If you’re in finance or operations, it’s summed up in two words: Spend wisely. You want to control expenses and invest in areas that will improve patient care. To do this, you need “mission” control — a centralized view of spend analytics and KPIs for your entire facility or system.

Dynamic Spend Intelligence is your online mission control center:

  • Collects all your expense data — supplies, purchased services, pharmaceuticals and capital expenses — into one comprehensive dashboard
  • Aggregates data from multiple entities, ERP systems and pharmacy wholesalers
  • Integrates seamlessly with our suite of expense management applications, delivering unprecedented transparency and actionable analyses

The flexibility of Dynamic Spend Intelligence allows you to easily navigate from high-level intelligence to category summaries and line-item detail. Contact us to learn how Dynamic Spend Intelligence’s “mission control” can help your organization’s mission.

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Dynamic Spend Intelligence provides a centralized view of spend analytics for your entire facility or system.